Rising Stars Fell on Alabama Last Night

I wasn’t the only Austin belle ringing and rocking in Alabama last night. The red-hot Austin band, The Trishas, stopped in Mobile on their southeast tour and I couldn’t believe my luck to actually be in my Hometown#2 at the right time. This young group of four uber-talented chicks is all the talk of the Austin music scene these days but I keep missing the chance to see them. Imagine my luck to find them scheduled to play at The Shed barbecue joint in Mobile just one day after I hit the ground in Alabama. This stroke of serendipity called for a girls nite out…

girls nite out

We all loved the Trishas! We were instant fans. I felt like I was watching a gaggle of Kelly Willises up on stage. Each one (apparently none named Trisha) could sing so well it’d make the hairs on your arm stand on end. They take turns on lead vocals and switch instruments and introduce one song after the next that someone in the group had written. Harmonies so complex and beautiful to make a grown man cry. These girls are talented. Seriously talented. And the covers they chose spoke volumes. They rocked one of my all-time favorites, a Guy Clark song “She Ain’t Going Nowhere She’s Just Leaving.”

We are the newest biggest Trishas fans.

with robin

This was my first trip to The Shed in Mobile and I have to say, I loved it! Big open space, warm service, great food. The place was full and the crowd was way into the music. It was a good scene.

License plates and barbecue plates…

the shed mobile

I fell in love with The Shed when I saw this gem of my dreams.


We had a ball, it was one of those specially charmed nights, dipped in honey. After the show we checked out the merch table and chatted with a few girls from the band. This is Trisha-on-the-far-left-of-the-stage Savannah Welch, daughter of famed singer songwriter Kevin Welch.

savannah trishas

And because I was wishing each one of you were there to hear their spectacular music, I snapped a few video clips for you to enjoy while you avoid that next item on your todo list. Take a listen…

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