Again With The Triple Entendre: Metamorphosis

This triple entendre gimmick is probably only fun for me and a few other english majorettes out there but that fact not withstanding, I’m going to try and pull it off once again. I’ve done previous triple entendre posts on RUN OFF, HATCH and SUNRISE, each offering at least one fly fishing related definition. Today’s theme is METAMORPHOSIS. So here we go, three different cuts at it…

#1 Metamorphosis (bugs)

In the context of bug life, and thus the lives of fly fishermen, the word METAMORPHOSIS is a “the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.” Larva, pupa, nymphs, emergers, adults, spinners. All bug stages and terms we will be tossing around this summer on Montana rivers in a Machiavellian attempt to figure out which flavor stage is most tantalizing to the fish we are trying to catch at any given moment.

In just ten days I will be back in Montana surrounded by millions of gabillions of bug metamorphoses hoping to emulate just one at the right time, hoping to trick just one nice trout – thus sparking a little spiritual metamorphosis of my own.

#1 Metamorphosis (mythology, poetry, art, film)

Way back in 8AD the Roman poet Ovid completed his Latin poem, Metamorphoses, which is considered a masterpiece of the Golden Age of Latin literature. He hits many highlights of Greek mythology, focusing on stories of love. He tells the story of Pygmalion, a sculptor who falls madly in love with a statue he carved. The foundation of this story is the basis for the beloved musical My Fair Lady. For those of you anti-Americans who haven’t seen this gem (with mostly British actors, yes I see the discrepancy), the storyline is simple. Snooty phonetics professor Henry Higgins plucks a poor, uncouth Eliza Doolittle off the streets of London to prove he can turn her into an elegant lady by first teaching her to speak properly. Then, of course, he falls in love with her. But not before spontaneously bursting into song on occasion.

YouTube Preview Image

I love this movie. Know every word to every song. I can do cockney Eliza, proper Eliza. Love it all.

#3 Metamorphosis (our new kitchen)

Another definition of metamorphosis is “a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.” The construction on our kitchen in Mobile is complete and I have to say, it damn near flirts with being supernatural. The transformation is radical. We started somewhere around here…

kitchen before

And now, a mere 2+ months later, we are here…


By George I think we got it! I admit, like Pygmalion, I am falling a bit in love with the masterpiece we created. For us, it’s a thing of poetry. More cabinet space, more counter space, more light. Fresh, clean new appliances.


I really wanted the back door to look like Number Ten Downing Street. I would have loved layers and layers of black lacquer but I settled for a few coats of oil paint. I am very pleased.


I am also loving the unlacquered brass hardware we selected. And the white subway tile with dark grout. Not the most original, but love it nonetheless.


To add a few unique touches, I had these two lucite/brass handles made for just two drawers and they turned out magnifique!


I love this view walking in from the living room. I wonder how long that counter by the back door will remain uncluttered.


Another touch we are crazy about? The new-to-us pineapple chandelier we found on ebay.


I am over the moon for the farmhouse sink and The Professor loves his magic touch technology faucet so he doesn’t get raw chicken juice all over the handle when he’s coming in from the grill.


We are very happy with how everything came together. It has been so much fun to work on this project together, all the little decisions we made, the bargain hunting, the places we decided to splurge. It’s evolved into a special backdrop for all the meals and cooking and laughs and memories that always seem to unfold in the kitchen. So in a way, the metamorphosis has just begun…

That said, some things remain constant. We had to move back in some culinary souvenirs from a few great fly-fishing trips. So while I’m botching some overly ambitious recipe I’ve taken on, I can daydream about bonefishing in Exuma or chasing tarpon in the Keys. Spoonrest easy my friends, fishing is never far from our minds.

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